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With the new visualiminal personal development technology, you can:

• Neutralise and transform the negative inner patterns that stop you from achieving your desired prosperity

• Use the power of affirmation, PowerWords and PowerSignatures to manifest your dreams and achieve the results you desire

• Use the effective re-patterning program to transform the working of your inner mind forever


Top tips

“The only reason any person does not have enough money is because they are blocking money form coming to them with their thoughts.”

The Secret

"You can be anything you want to be, if only you believe with sufficient conviction and act in accordance with your faith; for whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

Napoleon Hill
(Best selling author of 'Think and Grow Rich')

"We need to upgrade our old, outdated programs if we want to change and upgrade our lives. Until your unconscious mind is programmed for wealth, nothing you learn, know or do will make any difference in the long run.”

Paul McKenna
(author of 'I Can Make You Rich')


Success stories

"This is the most amazing personal development technology I have seen in 25 years. It absolutely rocks. It's the subliminal program of the new millennium. The Secret of subliminals"

Mark, Life coach

"In the hour and a half after first watching Prosperity Signatures I had three phone calls from new clients which converted into £1,200. Every time I watch the program something amazing happens: people give me tickets to concerts that were sold out, or clients phone, or I meet well-connected people. The list goes on. It's really spooky. It's like my inner mind and the whole world conspires for me to be prosperous. I love it."

Jan, PhotoReading Instructor

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Paul Scheele on Visualiminal Subliminals

VIDEO: Paul Scheele of learning Strategies Inc. talks about his experience with visualiminals

Visualiminal Subliminals - Perpetual Signatures

VIDEO: Watch free sample of Perpetual Prosperity Program

Visualiminal Subliminals - Prosperity Signatures

VIDEO: Watch free sample of Prosperity Affirmations

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REPROGRAM your mindset and boost your immunity, vitality and massively increase health and fitness. Develop a Super Health mindset now by having Visualiminals running in the background while you work, exercise and relax.

Just leave this innovative video running in the background and SEE the RESULTS.

Super Health Visualiminals

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Prosperity, Natural Genius, Super Health, Happiness fo No Reason, & Slim Now

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Transform your inner mind for increased health and fitness

Do you dream that you could be super fit and healthy? Now you can, thanks to a breakthrough technology that transforms the immense power of your subconscious.

How do we create health and fitness?
‘The Secret’ of success is intention, and when our inner mind resonates with health and fitness, that is exactly what we create.

Can my subconscious work for me?
Most subconscious (negative) programming comes from our environment. ? Most subconscious (negative) programming comes from our environment. With visualminals you take control and reprogram your subconscious conditioning for superhealth and fitness.

How do Visualiminals work? They use state-of-the-art research and technology to relax your brain into joyous alpha brainwaves – the optimal state for receiving the skilfully embedded visual and auditory affirmations. Because they work at a subconscious level, these keywords and phrases meet no resistance from the conscious mind. Research shows that psychological priming works by influencing people’s behaviour, creating what you desire – superhealth and fitness.

What do I do? The choice of three programs (Signatures, Booster & Perpetual) gives flexibility to fit the busiest lifestyles. Just play one of the programs once a day for maximum benefit.

When can I expect results? Most people experience results within a week or two, but many begin to experience a greater sense of well-being after just one or two playings.

With Visualiminals ‘Superhealth,’ you too can join the ranks of the superfit and healthy.




1. Signatures (Duration: 20 mins)
This program contains all the Power Affirmations at an audio and visual level and uses state of the art technology to put the user into a pleasant alpha state to enhance activation of the subliminal affirmations. Perfect for more intense experience when used with headphones.

2. Booster Signatures (Duration: 3 mins)              
An accelerated 3-minute version of the main signatures program. It contains all the Power Affirmations at an audio and visual level to let your subconscious mind download the Power Affirmations in a short session.

Gives immediate short-term benefit, eg before a business or sales meeting – or can be used as a ‘top up’ once the full program has been experienced.

3. Perpetual Signatures (Duration: Continuous)             
This relaxing program featuring awe inspiring vistas can be left playing in the background continuously with or with out audio to let your peripheral vision and your unconscious mind soak in the Power Affirmations while you carry out your daily tasks.

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