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With the new visualiminal personal development technology, you can:

• Neutralise and transform the negative inner patterns that stop you from achieving your desired prosperity

• Use the power of affirmation, PowerWords and PowerSignatures to manifest your dreams and achieve the results you desire

• Use the effective re-patterning program to transform the working of your inner mind forever

Success stories

"This is the most amazing personal development technology I have seen in 25 years. It absolutely rocks. It's the subliminal program of the new millennium. The Secret of subliminals"

Mark, Life coach

"In the hour and a half after first watching Prosperity Signatures I had three phone calls from new clients which converted into £1,200. Every time I watch the program something amazing happens: people give me tickets to concerts that were sold out, or clients phone, or I meet well-connected people. The list goes on. It's really spooky. It's like my inner mind and the whole world conspires for me to be prosperous. I love it."

Jan, PhotoReading Instructor

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Paul Scheele on Visualiminal Subliminals

VIDEO: Paul Scheele of learning Strategies Inc. talks about his experience with visualiminals

Visualiminal Subliminals - Perpetual Signatures

VIDEO: Watch free sample of Perpetual Prosperity Program

Visualiminal Subliminals - Prosperity Signatures

VIDEO: Watch free sample of Prosperity Affirmations

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Visualiminals – Press Release

All today’s personal development gurus* are in agreement: ‘The Secret’ of achievement in all fields is intention. And the secret to setting a positive intention is to harness the power of the subconscious. When your subconscious is in alignment with your conscious desires, all your dreams really can come true.

Now, visualiminals takes the uncertainty out of the process of by combining the latest brain research with leading-edge technology. The program of visual and auditory positive messages skilfully combines a pleasing visual display with a gently relaxing sound tape which is designed to induce the stress-free alertness of the alpha brainwave state – the optimal state for deep learning.

It couldn’t be easier. All the user has to do is sit back and let the relaxing images and sounds wash over them, while the subliminal images and sounds bypass the conscious mind and work directly on the other-than-conscious (the superconscious, the subconscious and the preconscious) to achieve the desired results. Read more research on subconscious mind

We are already programmed by our upbringing and environment through the techniques that advertisers know only too well. It is not so much ‘hidden’ messages we need to be aware of, it is the constant barrage of images and messages which bypasses our conscious defences. But now, visualiminals brings these techniques within the power of each individual to control as they harness the immense power of the non-conscious.

The first program – Prosperity PowerSignatures – is available now, and further programs are being released in the next months.

Most people experience results within a week or two of use, but many notice evidence of increased prosperity after just one playing. Prosperity is manifested at all levels and comes in many different forms: increased levels of calls from clients and customers, unexpected opportunities and introductions, and awareness of previously untapped sources of wealth. After using the program, one is in the optimal state to notice and take advantage of these opportunities.


* Anthony Robbins, Paul McKenna, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, among many others.

Refs: ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, pub Simon & Schuster 2006;
‘The Intention Experiment’ by Lynne McTaggart, 2007.

Note also that conventional science is also coming round to the view that the universe may be powered by intention, New Scientist
‘The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles’ by Bruce H Lipton, PhD, 2005

For the first time, thanks to visualiminals, automatically manifesting your dreams and living life effortlessly with prosperity is a real option. Why not take that opportunity now.

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