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With the new visualiminal personal development technology, you can:

• Neutralise and transform the negative inner patterns that stop you from achieving your desired prosperity

• Use the power of affirmation, PowerWords and PowerSignatures to manifest your dreams and achieve the results you desire

• Use the effective re-patterning program to transform the working of your inner mind forever


Top tips

“The only reason any person does not have enough money is because they are blocking money form coming to them with their thoughts.”

The Secret

"You can be anything you want to be, if only you believe with sufficient conviction and act in accordance with your faith; for whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

Napoleon Hill
(Best selling author of 'Think and Grow Rich')

"We need to upgrade our old, outdated programs if we want to change and upgrade our lives. Until your unconscious mind is programmed for wealth, nothing you learn, know or do will make any difference in the long run.”

Paul McKenna
(author of 'I Can Make You Rich')


Success stories

"This is the most amazing personal development technology I have seen in 25 years. It absolutely rocks. It's the subliminal program of the new millennium. The Secret of subliminals"

Mark, Life coach

"In the hour and a half after first watching Prosperity Signatures I had three phone calls from new clients which converted into £1,200. Every time I watch the program something amazing happens: people give me tickets to concerts that were sold out, or clients phone, or I meet well-connected people. The list goes on. It's really spooky. It's like my inner mind and the whole world conspires for me to be prosperous. I love it."

Jan, PhotoReading Instructor

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Paul Scheele on Visualiminal Subliminals

VIDEO: Paul Scheele of learning Strategies Inc. talks about his experience with visualiminals

Visualiminal Subliminals - Perpetual Signatures

VIDEO: Watch free sample of Perpetual Prosperity Program

Visualiminal Subliminals - Prosperity Signatures

VIDEO: Watch free sample of Prosperity Affirmations

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What's the difference between visualiminals and other so-called "subliminal" tapes?
All subliminal messages are recorded so that they are registered by the non-conscious mind, bypassing the filters of the conscious mind. While most ‘subliminal tapes’ are aimed at the auditory channel only, visualiminals are effective at multiple levels as they activate the visual and auditory centres of the brain while the user is in a relaxed physical state.

Can I make a backup copy of the DVD?
You are welcome to make backup copies of the Visualiminal DVD for your own use (eg. to have playing in a different part of the house), but making a copy for third parties is not only illegal, it will be counter-productive since it will undo the positive effects of the DVD. The messages sent to the non-conscious mind will be: 'We can't afford to buy a DVD. We are poor and economically challenged. We know that copying is stealing. So we're petty criminals. So we don't deserve to be rich. There is not enough money, flow and abundance in my life'

What is visualiminal technology?
Visualiminal technology works on multiple levels since it combines the results of three distinctive areas of research: preconscious processing, mirror neurons, and brainwave entrancement.

A subtle combination of specially designed graphics and sounds use the mind’s natural frequency to take your brainwaves into the comfortable relaxed state which is optimal for deep learning. In scientific terms, this state of pleasantly relaxed alertness is known as the alpha brainwave rhythm (approx. 7-13 Hz). NB This also acts as the equivalent of a ‘brain tune-up’ resulting in intelligence amplification, which is experienced as faster cognitive functioning.

The graphics are aesthetically-animated positive visual messages which mesh subtly with audioliminal messages. All the messages have been designed to be understood by the other-than-conscious mind (ie superconscious, subconscious or preconscious). Although you may consciously hear or understand only individual words, the whole message is piped into the most effective area of your mind. Bypassing the conscious gatekeeper, the messages are hardwired as  ‘conscious competence’ (a.k.a mastery) and will immediately work to highlight the perceptions, skills and abilities necessary to achieve your desired goals.

The visualiminal and audioliminal messages themselves are created within a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) framework to immediately engage the immense resources of the other-than-conscious mind. The results surface and manifest as new opportunities, skills and abilities, as the limiting beliefs about what can be achieved fall away.

What are the principles behind visualiminals?
Visualiminal technology works on multiple levels since it combines the results of three distinctive areas of scientific research: preconscious processing (how to influence the learning power of the other-than-conscious mind), mirror neurons (which influence our ability to emulate and empathise), and brainwave entrancement (inducing the relaxed alertness of the alpha brainwave state, approximately 7-13Hz).

How does the visualiminal technology actually work?
Visualiminals uses affirmations derived from the influential language of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) which are presented both to the visual and the auditory centres of the brain at a subliminal level (below conscious awareness), thereby avoiding the censoring conscious mind. The constant repetition of positive affirmations harnesses the immense power of the subconscious by aligning it with our conscious desires, so that our whole mind is optimally equipped to notice and act on the many opportunities for improvement that present themselves.
At the same time, you might notice a constant background ‘beat’ which brings your brainwaves into the alpha rhythm – the optimal state for deep learning. This is the ‘brain entrancement’ aspect.

What is the role of the subconscious mind?
Our subconscious (a term for the other-than-conscious mind, which includes the preconscious, the paraconscious and the superconscious) makes up the largest part of the mind which is beyond conscious control. It is this part of the mind which has the greatest influence on our lives, our behaviour and the decisions we make moment by moment. Our subconscious has already been programmed – without our conscious knowledge or agreement – by our upbringing and our environment. The technology of visualiminals now gives us the ability to take control of the messages we give to our subconscious, so that it works in alignment with our conscious mind to bring us everything we desire. Read more research on subconscious mind

Why not just appeal directly to the conscious mind?
Brain research has shown that seemingly conscious decisions are actually taken at a subconscious level milliseconds before the conscious mind becomes active. It is therefore important that messages are given directly to the subconscious. Conscious affirmations can sometimes be effective, but in many cases they can actually have the reverse effect from that intended. It is therefore much more effective for the visualiminals technology to direct positive affirmations directly to the subconscious while bypassing the defences of the conscious mind which can sabotage your intentions.

What’s the best way to utilize visualiminals?
Should I watch it daily?
Watch some aspect of the program daily. The visualiminals programs are very flexible and fit into the way you live your life. You can either relax into the 20-minute PowerSignatures program, which includes the brain entrancement (and during which you should not be using other equipment). If on some days you only have a few minutes, you can use the ‘top-up’ three-minute booster program. And you can additionally use the Perpetual PowerSignatures program as much as you like, which can be playing in the background while you concentrate on other jobs in the house or office.
For more strategic transformations do a concentrated PowerSignatures session, relaxing as you watch the screen and listen through headphones, once a day either in the morning or in the evening shortly before sleeping. Then use the Perpetual PowerSignatures / Background program on repeat whenever you are doing general work in the house.

The PowerSignatures program can be used as a background program in your peripheral vision, but since it will tend to have a relaxing influence, you should not use it while operating any other equipment.

When should I expect to see results?
Most people will notice changes or see results in the first two weeks. However, people are different. Some people may notice changes in the first few days, others may take longer. These may include things like increased levels of calls from clients, greater than usual sales, unexpected referrals or introductions, unexpected gifts or opportunities for prosperity from previously untapped sources.
Some people keep a diary of all positive events that happen to them daily, no matter how small. This gives a strong encoding message to the subconscious that you’re taking notice of the subconscious working for you. Gratitude to your subconscious mind for all that works is the key.

For the first time, thanks to visualiminals, automatically manifesting your dreams and living life effortlessly with prosperity is a real option. Why not take that opportunity now.

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