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With the new visualiminal personal development technology, you can:

• Neutralise and transform the negative inner patterns that stop you from achieving your desired prosperity

• Use the power of affirmation, PowerWords and PowerSignatures to manifest your dreams and achieve the results you desire

• Use the effective re-patterning program to transform the working of your inner mind forever


Success stories

"This is the most amazing personal development technology I have seen in 25 years. It absolutely rocks. It's the subliminal program of the new millennium. The Secret of subliminals"

Mark, Life coach

"In the hour and a half after first watching Prosperity Signatures I had three phone calls from new clients which converted into £1,200. Every time I watch the program something amazing happens: people give me tickets to concerts that were sold out, or clients phone, or I meet well-connected people. The list goes on. It's really spooky. It's like my inner mind and the whole world conspires for me to be prosperous. I love it."

Jan, PhotoReading Instructor

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Paul Scheele on Visualiminal Subliminals

VIDEO: Paul Scheele of learning Strategies Inc. talks about his experience with visualiminals

Visualiminal Subliminals - Perpetual Signatures

VIDEO: Watch free sample of Perpetual Prosperity Program

Visualiminal Subliminals - Prosperity Signatures

VIDEO: Watch free sample of Prosperity Affirmations

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Visualiminal Productions was created in 2005, with the objective to design and build audio visual programs that will advance learning by bypassing the conscious mind and hardwiring complex skills and strategies straight into the unconscious mind.

We have spent the last two years researching the most recent scientific breakthroughs in preconscious processing, brain wave entrainment and mirror neuron systems, and started trailing a complex audio visual program in mid 2006. The feedback we received from the beta versions was incredibly positive and we continued to refine the process until we have the current version. The each individual program has been constructed with over 250 render hours featuring 'state of the art' graphics. Read more on the reseach

We are incredibly proud of our programs, as they are the finest audio-visual programs that have ever been created, and use the highest grade of graphics that are currently available. We are now finishing the final versions of another five Visualiminal Programs: Ideal Weight Signatures, Memory Booster Signatures, Ideal Partner Signatures, Smokeless Signatures, Confidence Signatures

For the first time, thanks to visualiminals, automatically manifesting your dreams and living life effortlessly with prosperity is a real option. Why not take that opportunity now.




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