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With the new visualiminal personal development technology, you can:

• Neutralise and transform the negative inner patterns that stop you from achieving your desired prosperity

• Use the power of affirmation, PowerWords and PowerSignatures to manifest your dreams and achieve the results you desire

• Use the effective re-patterning program to transform the working of your inner mind forever


Top tips

“The only reason any person does not have enough money is because they are blocking money form coming to them with their thoughts.”

The Secret

"You can be anything you want to be, if only you believe with sufficient conviction and act in accordance with your faith; for whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

Napoleon Hill
(Best selling author of 'Think and Grow Rich')

"We need to upgrade our old, outdated programs if we want to change and upgrade our lives. Until your unconscious mind is programmed for wealth, nothing you learn, know or do will make any difference in the long run.”

Paul McKenna
(author of 'I Can Make You Rich')


Success stories

"This is the most amazing personal development technology I have seen in 25 years. It absolutely rocks. It's the subliminal program of the new millennium. The Secret of subliminals"

Mark, Life coach

"In the hour and a half after first watching Prosperity Signatures I had three phone calls from new clients which converted into £1,200. Every time I watch the program something amazing happens: people give me tickets to concerts that were sold out, or clients phone, or I meet well-connected people. The list goes on. It's really spooky. It's like my inner mind and the whole world conspires for me to be prosperous. I love it."

Jan, PhotoReading Instructor

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Paul Scheele on Visualiminal Subliminals

VIDEO: Paul Scheele of learning Strategies Inc. talks about his experience with visualiminals

Visualiminal Subliminals - Perpetual Signatures

VIDEO: Watch free sample of Perpetual Prosperity Program

Visualiminal Subliminals - Prosperity Signatures

VIDEO: Watch free sample of Prosperity Affirmations

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For the first time, using breakthrough Visualiminals subliminal technology, you can automatically manifest your dreams, realize your potential and live life effortlessly with health, success & abundance as a reality.

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Whether you want to become happier, more prosperous, lose weight, improve your health or connect with your natural genius...

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Cutting edge Visualiminals technology takes your personal development to the next level!


As one of the first users of visualiminals put it: “In the hour and a half after first watching Prosperity Signatures I had three phone calls from new clients which converted into £1,200. Every time I watch the program something amazing happens: people give me tickets to concerts that were sold out, or clients phone, or I meet well-connected people. The list goes on. It’s really spooky. It’s like my inner mind and the whole world conspires for me to be prosperous. I love it.”

Start using visualiminals now and notice the improvement almost immediately.
When you use the visualiminals technology, you will start noticing opportunities for increasing prosperity in all aspects of your life. They may manifest as big or small steps, short-term or long-term opportunities, direct calls from customers or other unforeseen serendipitous events – and they are all evidence that your inner mind is work for you.

With visualiminals technology you can achieve your goals effortlessly
People who are truly successful and happy have taken the time to train their ‘inner mind’ (inner talk, self dialogue) to bring them the results they desire. Visualiminals bypass the conscious, laborious part of the learning process and allow for direct (implicit) learning and acquisition of skills, behaviours, attitudes, values and mindsets without effort.

Why Visualiminals? What's the difference with other Subliminal or Affirmation programs?

Visualiminals contain both
the visual and auditory subliminal messages & programming that allow for the automatic transformations that can guide your inner mind to bring you prosperity, abundance and health - using proven principles and tools to realise your potential and manifest your dreams.

Why postpone your transformation? Make a change now.
One of the biggest negative patterns that can sabotage your goals is procrastination. Quite often we only start thinking about improving our health, wealth or intelligence when we don’t have enough or when it gets really bad. Successful people notice opportunities and act on them immediately – before they become a necessity.


If you’re reading this, you’ve already brought this opportunity into your life through your inner need. Whether you were guided to these programs or they were recommended to you, your subconscious mind has already attracted to you the means to achieve prosperity. It’s now up to you to act promptly. Buy or download one of our hassle-free programs right now.

Is your subconscious mind working for or against you?
To paraphrase Winston Churchill, “We shape our inner thoughts, and thereafter they shape us.” We inherit most of our subconscious programming from our parents, our schooling or our immediate environment. It is others who empower or disempower us. The good news is that we can take control and reprogram our subconscious conditioning.

Now your subconscious mind can bring you closer to your dreams
As Sigmund Freud put it, “The most complicated achievements of thought are possible without the assistance of consciousness.” The latest research supports the finding that almost everything we do, we do better unconsciously than consciously.

For the first time, the cutting-edge technology of visualiminals makes this knowledge accessible to you, effortlessly. Millions of people (including Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dwyer, Jack Canfield, Anthony Robbins, Paul McKenna, Dr. John Gray, Bob Proctor, Neal Donald Walsch) are already using ‘The Secret’ knowledge about the workings of the subconscious mind to propel themselves to higher levels of understanding, abundance & health. Can you afford to miss out?


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